Alkali-Resistant, Low-

August 10, 2005

Alkali-Resistant, Low-
Viscosity Epoxy Curing Agent
l Patent No. Europe 1 136 509
An alkali-resistant, low-viscosity light-colored, water-emulsifiable and/ or soluble epoxy curing agent has been patented by Bakelite AG. The agent is useful in epoxy resin emulsions and dispersions that give water-resistant coatings with little yellowing. They are comprised of a reaction product of alkoxylated monoamine, diamine or polyamine with diepoxide or polyepoxide, optionally monoepoxide, reacted with primary mono di or poly amine or secondary di or poly amine, amine-terminated epoxy/amine adduct as specified, and amine-terminated epoxy-functional reactive diluent/ amine reaction product free of unreacted amines. Preparation and uses are claimed.