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HunterLab Offers ColorQuest XE-Touch

August 10, 2005

unterLab has introduced the ColorQuest XE-Touch, a self-contained reflectance/transmittance spectrophotometer. It measures the color of painted products as well as paint drawdowns. ColorQuest XE-Touch uses a large LCD display that is back lit and can be read in any lighting environment. The display has a touch screen that facilitates ease of operation and saves bench space. An alphanumeric keypad on the touch screen simplifies sample ID and data. The instrument has a large sample compartment that is open on three sides for easy access and includes a transmission cell holder. It can also be used with a PC and HunterLab’s Universal color quality control software or EasyMatch color formulation software. More info: HunterLab, (703) 471-6870 • Fax: (703) 471-4237 • E-mail: info@hunterlab.com; Web: www.hunterlab.com.