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Wacker Polymer Systems Offers Vinyl Surface-

August 10, 2005

Wacker Polymer Systems markets vinyl chloride copolymers and terpolymers under the trade name Vinnol surface-coating resins. The product range currently contains Vinnol surface-coating resins without functional groups, Vinnol surface-coating resins with carboxyl groups and Vinnol surface-coatings resins with hydroxyl groups. Vinyl chloride copolymers generally offer high toughness and permanent flexibility, high abrasion resistance, high water and chemical resistance, flame retardance and good solubility and ease of processing, according to the company. More info: Wacker Polymer Systems, +49 86 77 83 79 79 • Fax: +49 86 77 83 81 81 • Web; www.wacker-polymer-coatings.com.