Electrochemical Process For

August 10, 2005

● Patent No. U.S. 6,352,636 B1
General Electric Co. has obtained a
patent for an electrochemical stripping
process for stripping at least one coating
from a coated article that comprises
a parent alloy, where the parent alloy
remains essentially unmodified after
the electro-chemical stripping process.
The process is comprised of providing
an electrolytic comprising a charge-carrying
component in a solvent, wherein
the component is selected from at least
one of a halide salt, methanesulfonic
acid, ammonium hydroxide, sodium
chloride, magnesium sulfate, methane
sulfonic acid sodium salt, a mixture of
sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate,
oxalic acid disodium salt, acetic
acid sodium salt, oxamate, citric acid
trisodium salt, lactic acid, malonic acid
disodium salt, a mixture of ethylene glycol
and ammonium citrate, sodium
nitrate and ammonium bifluoride; and
the solvent is selected from at least one
of diathylene glycol and water, glycerol
and water, ethylene carbonate and water
or propylene glycol and water; disposing
a coated article and at least one electrode
in the electrolyte, the coated article comprising
a parent alloy and at least one
coating disposed on the parent alloy; and
applying a current from a powder source
between at least one electrode and the
coated article and removing at least one
coating from the coated article without
modifying the parent alloy. ●