Raw Materials & Equipment

● Lyondell Chemical Company

August 10, 2005

● Lyondell Chemical Company has added a
new product line, Polymeg PTMEG
(polytetramethylene ether glycols)
polyols and increased THF (tetrahydrofuran)
capacity. These products,
previously supplied by Penn
Specialty Chemicals, Inc., complement
Lyondell’s existing portfolio and
offer customers a reliable, high-quality
and independent source for
PTMEG, according to the company.
PTMEG, manufactured through the
polymerization of THF, is used in the
production of polyurethanes. THF is
a solvent used in the production of
coatings, PVC pipe cement and other
applications. More info: Lyondell
Chemical Company, (713) 652-7200 •
Web: www.lyondell.com.