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Ciba Offers UV Absorber

August 10, 2005

Ciba Offers UV Absorber
For Powder Coatings
● Ciba Specialty Chemicals now offers Tinuvin 405, a new UV
absorber especially designed for powder coatings. Some
key features of Tinuvin 405 include an ideal melt point,
excellent photo-permanence, thermal stability and low
color, according to the company. Tinuvin 405 is recommended
for catalyzed acrylic or polyester resins. The
absorption properties of Tinuvin 405 make it an ideal
choice for stabilization of high-performance UV-cured systems,
according to the company. Typical application areas
include automotive powder clear coats, powder coatings
for plastics and wood and high-performance industrial
coatings. More info: Ciba Specialty Chemicals, (41) 61 636 4444
• Fax: (41) 61 636 3019 • Web: www.cibasc.com/coatingeffects.

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