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ISP Releases Industrial

August 10, 2005

ISP Releases Industrial
Biocide Capability Brochure
● International Specialty Products Inc.
(ISP) is offering a new brochure containing
information on the full-spectrum
of ISP’s industrial biocides,
including Fungitrol fungicides,
Nuosept preservatives, Nuocide fungicides
and algaecides and Biotrend biocides.
The brochure includes information
on each of ISP’s biocides, including
the variety of markets served, technical
and customer service, as well as the
advantages, limitations and practical
applications of each biocide in industries
across the board. More info:
International Specialty Products, Inc.,
(732) 981-5280 • E-mail: info@ispcorp.com
• Web: www.ispcorp.com.