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Asia-Pacific Paint Study from IRL

August 10, 2005

In North America, silver, currently the most popular automotive color choice, will increasingly give way to various shades of blue, according to BASF color expert, Jon Hall. “In North America, people have seen the collapse of the technology bubble, the shock of terrorist attacks and the onset of recession,” he said. “As a result, tastes will change. In increasing demand for shades of blue, particularly those with a more metallic and sparkling quality, will arise, as this color is a representation of stability.”
Sharp changes in society will also influence future automotive colors in Japan, predicted BASF color stylists. Following prolonged recession and social unrest, people are focusing on qualities such as nostalgia, tradition, heritage and excellence, while still hoping for a bright future. “Here the focus is on high technologies, the future, animation, children and optimism,” said Eiji Fujimori, color stylist for Asia. “Nostalgic solid colors and warm beige-based colors are emerging to soothe and heal. Various silver and white hues were created with a future oriented image.”