Paint & Coatings Manufacturer News


August 10, 2005

Sigma Protective Coatings UK and Sigma Protective
Coatings Greece will be supplying the coatings for the
Rion Antirion bridge in Greece, the largest bridge under
construction in Europe. The bridge, which is being constructed
for the Athens 2004 Olympics, will connect
Peloponnese with the western mainland of Greece. The
length of the bridge is 2,860 meters and deck height from
sea level is 160 meters.
The main deck will use a zinc silicate, high build epoxy polyurethane coating system, based on
products used by Sigma Kalon to protect bridges and other steel constructions in demanding environments.
The zinc silicate and high build epoxy coats will be applied in the UK by Cleveland
Bridge and then shipped to the site where C.I. Sarantopoulos/Pantechniki & METKA will apply the
touch-up coats and final polyurethane topcoat.