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Rhodia Introduces New

August 10, 2005

Rhodia Introduces New
Specialty Monomers
● Rhodia Inc. has introduced two new specialty
monomers that provide improved
adhesion in a variety of acrylic polymer
and resin systems. Sipomer PAM-100
and Sipomer-200 work in latex- or solvent-
based formulations for a variety of
applications, including industrial,
maintenance, automotive, marine and
OEM finishes. The two products are
highly reactive, radically polymerizable
monomers that are easily incorporated
into various polymer systems, including
acrylic, vinyl, styrenic and acrylamide
and their combinations, according
to the company. More info: Rhodia
Inc., 33-1-53-56-51-11 • E-mail:
muriel.crozier-patoux@eu.rhodia.com •
Web: www.rhodia.com.