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CVC Specialty Chemicals

August 10, 2005

CVC Specialty Chemicals
Offers New Epoxy Resin Line
● CVC Specialty Chemicals, Inc. has
announced a new trademark for its
elastomer modified epoxy resin line.
HyPox elastomer epoxy resins are
available in three designations. HyPox
dimer acid epoxy resins are Bisphenol
A modified dimer acids for improved
flexibility, toughness and impact resistance.
HyPox CTBN modified epoxies
are epoxy functional carboxy terminated
butadiene-acrylonitrile elastomers
for toughening, impact and adhesion.
HyPox urethane-modified epoxies promote
adhesion to vinyl and other plastic
substrates. More info: CVC Specialty
Chemicals, Inc., (856) 482-0800 • Fax: (856)
667-8270 • E-mail: chughes@cvcchem.com
• Web: www.cvcchem.com. ●