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August 10, 2005

Plasticolors Offers
SynerMix 77 Additives
● Plasticolors, Inc., a supplier of pigment
and chemical dispersions, has introduced
two new additives for dispersing
pigments in water-based paints
and coatings. SynerMix 77 series
products are non-silicone, glycol-free
nonionic/anionic surfactants and
additives. SynerMix 77-0901 is formulated
for the dispersion of titanium
dioxide and other inorganic pigments
. SynerMix 77-0902 is made for
the dispersion of carbon black. More
info: Plasticolors, Inc., (440) 997-5137 •
E-mail: plasticolors@plasticolors.com •
Web: www.plasticolors.com.

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