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DuPont’s SuperSolids Clearcoat Honored by EPA

August 10, 2005

DuPont Performance Coatings’ SuperSolids ultra-low emissions coatings technology has earned the U.S. EPA’s Clean Air Excellence Award. The automotive clearcoat technology lowers VOC emissions more than 25%, while also improving scratch and mar resistance 60%, according to DuPont.
The first commercial application of SuperSolids clearcoat is on the 2002-03 Dodge Durango, produced at the DaimlerChrysler Newark, DE assembly plant. Launched in the spring of 2002, the technology immediately lowered VOC emissions on the clearcoat production line by more than one quarter, in addition to eliminating more than 80% of the HAP emissions from the complete topcoat process. The technology also reduced odors from the painting process by 50%, according to DuPont, enabling the facility to meet new permit requirements one year early.
In other automotive news, DuPont Herberts Automotive Systems has been awarded the black waterborne primer-surfacer business at BMW’s Spartanburg, SC assembly plant. The facility builds BMW’s Z-4 and X-5 models.