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EFKA Introduces New Additives for Solvent-Based Coatings

August 10, 2005

EFKA Additives has introduced a new product designed to influence the surface tension of solvent-based coatings, improving flow, wetting and crater resistance. EFKA-3600 is a polymeric fluorocarbon compound that offers excellent compatibility in systems such as stoving enamels, two-pack polyurethane and epoxy coatings and air-dried systems, according to the company. EKFA-3600 is 100% active material and is also available in a 50% active version marketed as EFKA-3650. More info: EFKA, (330) 920-4420 or (866) ASK-EFKA • Fax: (330) 920-4416 • E-mail: efka@efkausa.com • Web: www.efka.com.

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