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In-Line Filter Eliminates Lumps From Adhesives and Sealants

August 10, 2005

Sealant Equipment and Engineering, Inc.’s in-line material filter assemblies remove lumps and particulates from adhesives and sealants to ensure the delivery of free-flowing, homogenous material to the dispense valve. Sealant Equipment’s 1270-series material filters also allow precise control of the material pressure and flow rate. The rounded, internal design of the filter prevents materials from becoming packed in corners. With an aluminum housing and 30-mesh stainless steel filter element (500 microns), the 1270-series in-line material filter assemblies can be used with acrylic or water-based materials in high-pressure applications. Filters are available in two sizes. More info: Sealant Equipment and Engineering, (734) 459-8600 • Fax: (734) 459-8686 • E-mail: pshafer@sealantequipment.com • Web: www.dispensevalves.com.

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