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New Hiding Effect Pigments

August 10, 2005

New Hiding Effect Pigments
from Merck and Toyo Aluminum
● Merck KgaA will launch new hiding
effect pigments in a joint development
with Toyo Aluminum. The first effect pigment
is a reddish orange which is comprised
of aluminum flakes coated by ferric
oxide to be used in the automotive
paint market. The new pigment features
hiding powder and high color intensity
by a combination of Merck’s water phase
coating technology and highly anti-corrosive
aluminum flakes produced by passivation
techniques developed jointly by
Merck and Toyo Aluminum. More info:
Merck KgaA, +49 (0)6151 72 7923 • Fax:
+49 90)6151 72 3895 • Web: www.merck

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