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AMERICAN PRIDE paint, Hoover Color’s “green” pigments honored at Greenbuild Show

August 11, 2005

With the continual shift to “greener” products, all industries have been in hot pursuit of raw materials and finished products that have less impact on the environment.
GreenSpec Product Directory and Environmental Building News announced the 2003 BuildingGreen Top 10 products of the year, considered to be among the industry’s most innovative products. Among the 2003 winners were products from both the raw material and the finished product side of the paint business.
The Greenbuild International Conference and Expo was held in November 2003 in Pittsburgh. The annual event, organized by the U.S. Green Building Council, showcases the latest in sustainable building products.
Hoover Color Corp.’s EnvironOxide pigment technology was created in cooperation with Iron Oxide Recovery. Through this accord, iron-rich sludge from abandoned mine shafts is transformed into a trio of pigments that are brown in color, yet have a range of undertones from red to yellow to blue.
EnvironOxide pigments had been primarily used in concrete applications, however, the technology is well suited for paint and coatings. “Up to now, these products have strictly been used in colorant concrete applications,” said Chuck Hoover Jr., COO of Hoover Color.
“EnvironOxides are tried and true products in the marketplace for over one and a half years now. It’s time these products caught on in the paint and coatings industry,” Hoover added. “Not only will companies be utilizing a top-quality product, they will also be helping to mitigate one of the most significant water quality issues in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.”
He continued, “We are very excited about winning this award. This has been a long-term project for Hoover Color. We wanted to make sure that these products performed as well as other products in the marketplace. We are ecstatic that these pigments meet the same quality specifications as do conventional iron oxides.”
The pair of coatings honored by GreenSpec are a mineral silicate paint made by Keim Mineral Systems, a Lewes, DE-based company, and American Pride latex paint, which is produced by Southern Diversified Products, in cooperation with the University of Southern Mississippi.
According to Rocky Prior, vice president and general manager of Southern Diversified Products, the American Pride brand has been well received since its introduction 10 months ago. Currently stocked in 12 independent retailers in Mississippi, the brand will be expanded to five more states in 2004, according to Prior.

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