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Akzo Nobel and Toyota HOST European REFINISH competition

August 11, 2005

Toyota Europe brought together some of Europe’s most talented body and paint specialists in Brussels last November for the Toyota Pan-European Body and Paint Skills challenge. The event was held in cooperation with Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes, which sponsored the contest and provided Sikkens products and specialized equipment for the competition.
Paint specialists from 12 countries in Eastern and Western Europe took part in the contest in which they had to refinish a car door panel and tint a metallic finish. In both cases, they used a waterborne basecoat and a high solid clearcoat.
Contestants were judged on technique and for health, safety and environmental procedures. George Sgouras from Greece won the paint skills crown and Andreas Schweizer from Switzerland took top honors in the bodywork competition.
“Sikkens sees training and skills as vital to the future of the car repair industry and we are happy that we were able to support Toyota Europe at the Skills competition,” said Dimitris Mihas, European automotive aftermarket manager, Akzo Nobel car refinishes. “Sikkens continuously develops paint technologies to make the highest quality products, but the sprayer’s knowledge and skills will always be a key factor in the final result. We develop these skills at our own training centers worldwide, and were delighted to have an opportunity to do this in partnership with Toyota,” Mihas added.