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Brookfield Offers verification Kit for viscometer/Rheometer

August 11, 2005

Brookfield Offers verification Kit for viscometer/Rheometer
Brookfield’s VisCal kit contains everything needed to verify calibration of Brookfield’s viscometer and rheometer. The VisCal kit contains one pint of silicone viscosity standard, a 600 mL low form glass beaker, one pint of Trapper citrus cleaner (100% active natural solvent) and a dispensing bottle for the cleaner. Also included in the kit is a literature package including “More Solutions to Sticky Problems” and a Brookfield factor finder. In addition to this do-it-yourself method, Brookfield offers on-site service or assistance at its service center, where they will provide comprehensive calibration and certification of their instruments. More info: Brookfield Engineering, (508) 946-6200, (800) 628-8139; Web: www.brookfieldengineering.com.

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