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August 11, 2005

Clariant has introduced new diketopyrrolopyrrol (DPP) pigments to its range of high-performance pigments. Hostaperm Red D2G 70 LV 2647 is a high quality red pigment which is particularly suited for use in automotive and OEM finishes and refinishes. Hostaperm Red D3G 70 LV 2884 is a high performance red pigment intended for use mainly in industrial paints. Hostaperm Rubine D3B LP 2615 and Hostaperm Rubine D3B WD LP 2707 offer high transparency and excellent fastness properties, according to the company. Their main areas of application are in combination with effect pigments such as aluminum bronzes and mica pigments. More info: Clariant GmbH, +49 6151 87 55 12; Fax: +49 6151 87 55 50; Web: www.pa.clariant.com.

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