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Private Investor Buys Smiland’s Morwear Brand

August 11, 2005

Smiland Paint has sold its venerable Morwear brand to Eric von Knipe, a private investor.
Von Knipe, who will serve as president and CEO of newly formed Morwear Manufacturing, is no stranger to the paint business; he currently owns Betanix Coatings Inc.
“I saw the purchase of Morwear as a solid investment in a well respected brand,” said von Knipe. “Additionally it was a strategic move to secure production of my other paint line, Betanix Coatings.”
Morwear has been on the market for more than 90 years. Von Knipe, who also owns Moldwash USA Inc. and Betanix Plus, has big plans for the Morwear Plus line. He contends it will be the “first complete mold control paint line on the market offered in 2,700 colors, with the ability to match any competitors colors.”
Von Knipe continued, “I plan to revolutionize the paint industry with Morwear Plus by providing the public with a high quality, value-added product that will save consumers from a costly problem.”