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KMI Systems Offers Mass

August 11, 2005

KMI Systems Offers Mass
Flow Sludge removal system
KMI Systems, Inc. has launched the Mass Flow sludge removal system for use in water washed paint spray booth applications and other sludge producing-environments. The sludge removal system and method provide close, constant monitoring and excellent control of the water level in the recovery tank. With an optimum water level and proper chemicals for coagulation, the spent paint flotation is maintained and the water flow in the tank is continuous. The main components of the system include the sludge removal tank, centerfuge, agitation equipment and control. An optional scavenger pump can be added to remove large chunks of paint sludge prior to entering the chemical tank. The system can remove 60-80% of the water content, resulting in significant waste removal weight and volume savings, according to the company. More info: KMI Systems, Inc., (815) 459-5255; Fax: (815) 459-6051; E-mail: info@kmisystemsinc.com; Web: www.kmisystemsinc.com.
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