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Soft-feel coating from Bayer MaterialScience

August 11, 2005

Bayer MaterialScience AG has developed
a soft-feel coated film system
that is characterized by excellent surface
properties and economical productions.
It is based on Bayhydrol and
Bayhydur polyurethane coating raw
materials, which are used to formulate
environmentally compatible waterborne
soft-fee coatings and Makrofol
thermoforming polycarbonate, as well
as Bayfol PC blend films. After application
of the soft-feel coatings, the film
is thermoformed to the desired shape
and backed with plastic, if necessary.
After processing, the film system can
be used for the production of automotive
interior panels or cellular phone
housings. The soft-feel coating is
sprayed onto the film and cured by
means of forced drying at 80˚C. The
coated film can then be placed into the
mold and thermoformed. More info:
Bayer MaterialScience, +49 214 30-
72362; Fax: +49 221 9902 160; Web: