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ElioKem offers full range

August 11, 2005

ElioKem offers full range
of rheological resins
Eliokem now offers a full range of rheological resins, Pliolite and Plioway, for use in organic media ranging from strong aromatic solvents to weak paraffin fluids. Chemically these terpolymers are primarily based on modified styrene and acrylic monomers, which in the presence of organic fluids swell like small sponges to form micro-gels. As resin concentration increases, the micro-gels interact to form a thick clear elastic gel with shear thinning behavior. Eliokem has also launched Plioway Ultra 350, an odorless solvent-based resin that speeds the primer application process and reduces VOC emissions. More info: Eliokem, 33 169 2927 28 00; Fax: 33 169 2927 01; Web: www.eliokem.com.

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