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PPG unveils IdeaScapes brand

August 11, 2005

Concept Unites PPG’s Offerings For Architects
Looking to leverage its extensive offerings for building projects, PPG has unveiled IdeaScapes, a unified architectural brand identity that encompasses its coatings, paint and glass-based architectural products and services.
Products under the IdeaScapes banner are: EcoLogical Building Solutions, a collection of PPG glass, coatings and paint products for sustainable design; PPG Industrial Finishes (including Duranar and Coraflon brands) and PPG Architectural Finishes, which include flooring and fire-protective coatings under the Pittsburgh, Porter and Olympic banners. Also included in the IdeaScapes brand is PPG architectural glass and its related certified fabricator network.
“For years, our glass, coatings and paint businesses were presented to architects and specifiers as three distinct entities,” said Patrick J. Kenny, business manager for PPG’s construction market team. “Over the past few years, we’ve received feedback from architects who have told us we could make their jobs easier by presenting ourselves as a unified architectural products company.”