Chinacoat 2005

By David Savastano | December 7, 2005

Asia’s largest exhibition for coatings showcases China’s strong growing coatings market.

China has been the home for extraordinary growth in the coatings and ink industries in recent years, and has become an important center for these industries. The tremendous growth of the coatings and ink industries is mirrored by Chinacoat, which is organized by Sinostar International Ltd., to where Chinacoat has become one of the largest coatings shows held in the world today,

Chinacoat 2005 was a major success, as thousands of attendees came to the show to see the latest advances in raw material and equipment technologies and services. This year, 658 companies were represented at the show, with more than half – 346 – from China.

For people who have exhibited at Chinacoat for many years, the show's growth is impressive.

"Chinacoat has grown substantially both in terms of numbers and in the quality of attendees," said Helmut Unkel, director of H.J. Unkel Ltd. "For me, the most important aspect has been the quality of visitors, and also the number of local exhibitors, which has grown from practically zero to nearly a third today."

"Chinacoat is very important to Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (DIC)," said Masayuki Hirose, marketing manager, coatings and plastics pigment division at DIC. "We are best known as a printing ink company, but we also produce so many materials for the coatings industry, including pigments and resins. We have exhibited at Chinacoat for years, and it has been very good for us."

"Chinacoat is great as usual," said Joon Choo, vice president of marketing for Shamrock Technologies. "The new exhibition venue is larger, and attendance is very high. This is a great place for exhibitors and suppliers."

"Chinacoat is the most successful coatings show in China," said Willy Du, national sales manager, China for Sartomer. Du said since Sartomer is now setting up a factory in Quang Dong Province, which will open in 2007, "Chinacoat is an excellent opportunity for us to promote our image."

"This is a fantastic show," said Matthew Chen, head of Münzing (Shanghai), Münzing's new Asian subsidiary. "This is a great opportunity to see our customers and showcase our strategy of providing project solutions."

Shamrock Technologies was well represented at Chinacoat 2005.

Dainippon Ink & Chemical had a major presence at Chinacoat 2005.
"Chinacoat has been very good," said Dr. Markus Kleinert, technical marketing manager, non-impact printing for Clariant. "We've seen lots of customers for non-impact printing as well as coatings."

This sentiment was echoed by Shruti Singhal, global business manager, consumer coatings for Cognis. "We've had a chance to meet all of our key customers, who are clearly focusing on Asia."

Equipment manufacturers are finding Chinacoat to be a perfect opportunity to showcase their capabilities.

"This is a fantastic show," said Steven Guntner, sales manager for Myers Engineering. "My first time here was in 1997, and Chinacoat has grown tremendously. It is now one of the most important shows for our industry in the world."

"China is a strong market for large production equipment for basic pigment manufacturing, high-end coatings such as automotive and high-end dispersions for the export market, and Chinacoat brings in attendees for all of these markets," said Gisbert Schall, president of Draiswerke.

"This is the best show for coatings in China," said Alfred Lee, general manager of Lee Tech Supply Company Limited. "Many suppliers are here, and people from throughout the Far East are here for the show."

The key to the success of any show is to see how visitors value the exhibition, and attendees found tremendous value at Chinacoat.

"China is our fastest growing market, and by attending Chinacoat, we can visit our customers and get a better understanding of the demands for China," said Chuck Hoover Jr., chief operating officer for Hoover Color, who attended the show.

Ernesto Sanchez, managing director, Sanchez SA de CV, found that the show was very helpful. "It's great," he said. "There are so many options for raw materials."     

Following up on this year's successful program, Chinacoat 2006 will be held Nov. 7-9 in Guangzhou. For more information, go to www.chinacoat.net.

Scenes from the show

Chinacoat 2005 was the scene of tremendous activity, as seen by, clockwise from top right, the booths of Clariant, Noveon, Keim-Additec, Degussa and Micro Powders.

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