On the cutting edge with UV and EB

By Tim Wright | April 5, 2006

This month e|5 2006 is being held in Chicago. As the world's largest UV/EB event showcasing the industry's leading suppliers, e|5 represents the front line of cutting edge developments in UV/EB technology. You can be sure that our staff will be on hand distributing this issue and gathering the scoop. (While you're wandering the show floor, take a moment to stop by and see us at booth 118.)

To coincide with the e|5 show, this month's issue of Coatings World contains two features covering UV/EB technology and market trends. To get the pulse of the rad-cure coatings market (page 32), I spoke with leading manufacturers of UV/EB coatings and raw material suppliers. While it is a relatively small segment of the coatings industry, it is arguably the most dynamic.

Despite the promise of such innovative technology, growth in the market has been modest, due mostly to ambivalence on the part of companies when it comes to investing in UV systems and having to replace already existing infrastructure. However, the evolving landscape of the coatings industry, in the context of stricter environmental regualtions, rising energy costs and greater performance efficiency demands, is forcing companies to turn their heads and pay attention. As these issues become more pervasive in the years ahead, more companies will begin to embrace and adopt UV technology.

While nanotechnology is a big buzzword in many industries, when it comes to coatings, no company is driving innovation in this area quite like Ecology Coatings. In this issue (page 42), Sally Ramsey, the company's chief chemist and co-founder, takes us into the world of nanoparticles and shows how they are pushing the boundary of possibilities for UV curable coatings.

Also inside this issue are articles on a range of topics from the latest color trends (page 46) to resins (page 50) to meeting reviews. There is a lot to digest here but we are certain this issue will help you gain insight into key areas of your business.