Coating technique for

April 5, 2006

Patent No. U.S. 6,946,163 B2
Canada Manufacturing a division of Honda Canada Inc. has obtained a patent for a method of curing a coated vehicle chassis in a curing oven, comprising the steps of: delivering a plurality of coated vehicle chassis on a travel path through a continuous oven; determining one or more excess coating sites on the chassis which are potential sources of excess coating which, if remaining following curing, will require remedial treatment before a subsequent painting step; providing a plurality of nozzles in nozzle groups of one or more along the travel path in the oven; directing each group of nozzles to a specific excess coating site on the vehicle chassis; delivering through each nozzle a flow of air sufficient to remove the excess coating from the excess coating site, and providing a sufficient number of nozzles so that excess coating has been removed from substantially all of the excess coating sites on the vehicle chassis.