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Chartwell offers three

April 5, 2006

Chartwell International, Inc. has developed three high-performance super adhesion promoter blends useful for enhancing bonding to metals, concrete, wood and plastic films. CSA-571HR-A is a blend of Chartwell C-515.71HR (amino-functional) and diamino silane. CSE-571HR-T is a blend of Chartwell C-515.71HR and epoxy functional silane. Both products are intended for use in 2K epoxy/2K polyurethane and most WB acrylic and PUD. BSE-12HT is a blend of Chartwell B-515.1 (amino functional) and epoxy silane intended for use in phenolics, 2K epoxy and 2K PU. The products can be used at levels of 0.35-1.0 percent weight as supplied on resin solids. More info: Chartwell International, Inc. (508) 695-1690; E-mail: info@chartwellintl.com; Web: www.chartwellintl.com.