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CPC Color Launches compact

June 13, 2006

CPS Color has launched the new Corob D250 sequential colorant dispenser. Based on Corob piston pump technology, the D250 is ideal for points of sale with a small to medium output. Its footprint measures 70 square cm and its nozzles are cleaned automatically. The dispensers hold up to 16 canisters with a three liter capacity. The Corob D250 was designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of the user. The top edge of the machine’s frame and the top of the canisters are placed at the same level, making access to the colorant canisters easier. In addition, for refilling purposes, the empty canister is positioned automatically at the front of the machine. Dedicated software monitors the colorant level in each canister. The Corob D250 also has a punching device and hydraulic can table. More info: CPS Color, +39 0535 663 243; Web: www.cpscolor.com.