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Chemark’s new study

August 14, 2006

In response to the growing interest in nanotechnology, The Chemark Con­sulting Group of Southern Pines, NC, has published its new first edition multi-client study, “Nanotechnology’s Role in the Global Coatings Industry.”
According to Chemark, while the interest in nanotechnology is growing rapidly, the hype surrounding this technology is growing even faster. Because of the enthusiasm and emotional “push” emanating from the technology’s underlying potential, spurned on by speculation, technical (and non-technical) opinions and most of all, the plethora of patent filings being sought, Chemark highlights the importance of being extremely careful in determining what resources will be required to position with nano-based technologies for the coatings applications in various markets.
Chemark’s stresses the importance of not getting caught up in the emotional “push,” and conversely, determine where the market “pull” will be derived to support development and marketing efforts.
A few of the strategic questions Chemark addresses in its study include: What is a true nano as opposed to near-nano and non-nano technologies? Within the paint and coatings industries, where do these technologies fit? When will nano-based coating technolgies be commercially viable? What features will differentiate nano-based coatings from commonly available systems? What will be the economic value proposition by market segment that will cause nano-based coatings to capture share from the incumbent technologies?
In “Nanotechnology’s Role in the Global Coatings Industry” Chemark addresses these grass roots questions among many others in order to assist management by showing to what extent various markets are affected and the impact these dynamics have on current and future end-uses for coating systems on a global basis.
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