BASF patents polyester

September 12, 2006

Patent No. U.S. 7,041,777 B2
BASF Corp. has obtained a patent for a coating composition comprised of a polyester resin composition having increased cross-linking capability comprising the reaction product of a first compound having a plurality of hydroxyl groups, a carbamate compound reactive with the hydroxyl groups of the first compound and added in an amount sufficient to form a carbamated intermediary having at least one primary carbamate group available for cross-linking and having unreacted hydroxyl groups, and a silyl compound having a terminal isocyanate group reactive with the unreacted hydroxyl groups of the carbamated intermediary and having at least one silylalkoxy group that is available for secondary cross-linking after the terminal isocyanate group reacts with the unreacted hydroxyl groups, and a first cross-linking agent reactive with at least one of the primary carbamate group and the silylalkoxy group.