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BASF Coatings takes over R-M sales activities of DERIS and Château-Arnoux Peinture

April 18, 2007

ASF Coatings Services S.A.R.L. has announces plans to take over major parts of Michel DERIS S.A.S. in Sault-les-Rethel, France. BASF Coatings S.A.S. is acquiring Château-Arnoux Peinture S.A.S. in Château-Arnoux, France. Michel DERIS’s and Château-Arnoux Peinture’s sales activities with regard to automotive refinish paints and non-paint products will be integrated into BASF Coatings Services S.A.R.L., France.
Michel DERIS and Château-Arnoux Peinture had already sold R-M paint products and services of BASF Coatings S.A.S., Clermont (France) from its three sites in Sault-les-Rethel, Gauchy and La Chapelle Saint Luc. In the future, business relations with the R-M brand end customers will be managed and developed by BASF Coatings Services S.A.R.L. with the help of the 14 employees of Michel DERIS and with the help of the 11 employees of Château-Arnoux Peinture who were taken over.

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