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Cytec launches new

April 18, 2007

Cytec Industries Inc. has launched two new energy curable resins for a broad range of industrial metal applications. Ebercryl 3213 epoxy acrylate is designed to provide outstanding adhesion to metal substrates for general pipe and tubing applications. UV/EB cured formulations containing Ebecryl 3213 are characterized by exceptional hardness, durability, corrosion resistance and superior chemical resistance.
Ebecryl 1701-TP20 acrylated acrylic is a co-polymer with good flexibility, gloss and weatherability, and provides excellent adhesion to cold rolled steel and aluminum. Ebecryl 1701-TP20 has been formulated for packaging applications, including can coatings and metal decorating inks, and for clear coatings for general industrial applications. More info: Cytec Industries, (973) 357-3193, (800) 652-6013; E-mail: custinfo@cytec.com; Web: www.cytec.com.