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Largest tanker coated with

October 18, 2007

International Paint Ltd. has completed coating one of the world’s largest crude oil carriers, the 442,500 dwt V-Plus TI Africa. Owned and operated by Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. (OSG), the 2002 Korean built vessel, is one of four sister ships, recently drydocked in Dubai.
With a total fleet of 144 vessels, reduced environmental impact and maximum fuel efficiency are key priorities. The company considered very carefully therefore the choice of coating system for the massive 20,000 square meters of underwater sides on the 3.2 million barrel vessel. The decision to use Intersleek 900 fluoropolymer foul release coating was based on proven experience with Intersleek 700 silicone-based products on three OSG owned VLCC’s.
“OSG decided to apply International Paint’s Intersleek 900 on the TI Africa as we believe the benefits from this type of antifouling coating will contribute to a reduction in the vessel’s environmental footprint by eliminating biocides and reducing emissions, while at the same time enhancing the vessel’s efficiency through the water,” said captain Robert Johnson, OSG’s head of worldwide shipping operations. “Our decision to upgrade to the 900 series followed the successful in-service results of Intersleek 700 on three of our VLCC vessels.”
In terms of fuel efficiency and emissions, Intersleek 900 offers predicted savings of a further two percent in comparison to Intersleek 700 and six percent in comparison to SPC antifoulings, although in-service experience on a range of vessel types has shown savings considerably higher than this, according to the company. The potential exists for even greater savings in comparison to CDP, controlled depletion antifoulings. The absence of biocides also offers cost advantages at the next drydocking on treatment and disposal costs of wash water and blasting abrasive.