U.S. army patents

October 18, 2007

Patent No. U.S. 7,192,993 B1
The U.S. as represented by the Secretary of the Army has patented a self-healing coating that repairs itself upon physical compromise of an application of the self-healing coating that was cured at ambient temperature. It is comprised of at least one liquid COTS coating; and microcapsules, having a shell defining a volume of a sphere with an outer diameter of approximately 150m, the volume contains at least one repair substance, the microcapsules wet mixed into the liquid COTS coating just prior to application of the self-healing coating, wherein the shell is resistant to degradation by the repair substance; and wherein prior to application of the self-healing coating and after addition of the microcapsules to the liquid COTS coating, the microcapsules are resistant to short term degradation by the liquid COTS coating; and wherein the microcapsules in the area of a physical compromise of the applied and cured self-healing coating burst, releasing the at least one repair substance to fill and seal the compromised volume within the self-healing coating.