Rohm and Haas patents traffic paint

February 19, 2008

Patent No. U.S. 7,235,595 B2
Rohm and Haas has been granted a patent for an aqueous traffic paint comprised of hard-soft polymer particles comprised of pendant acid-functional groups; wherein each of the hard-soft polymer particles comprise, based on weight of the hard-soft polymer particles, from 65-95% weight of a soft polymer having a glass transition temperature in the range of from -40-20°C, and from 5-35% weight of a hard polymer having a glass transition temperature of at least 40°C, wherein the hard-soft polymer particles have a Hansch parameter of at least 3; polyfunctional amine; and an amount of volatile base sufficient to raise the pH of the aqueous traffic paint to a point where substantially all of the polyfunctional amine is in a non-ionic state.