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Lord names new custom coater in

April 15, 2008

Lord Corporation, manufacturer of MetalJacket coatings, has added a new MetalJacket custom coater.
The coater, AquaArmour France of Bernay, France, will help Lord Corporation customers meet the growing demand for MetalJacket coatings for both automotive and industrial applications. The AquaArmour France application line installed a traditional hoist transfer process and will apply the Lord MetalJacket 1510-5001 system.
“We are excited to add a French partner to the growing global MetalJacket team,” said Todd Wallis, global market manager for the Lord MetalJacket product line. “The interest in and transition to MetalJacket coatings continues to be strong due to the improved performance, reduced environmental impact and overall lower operating cost that MetalJacket coatings offer. With our new partner in France, we can support global customers who are asking for a local supply of MetalJacket coated parts and components.”
MetalJacket coatings are applied via an autodeposition process over either bare steel or zinc phosphate pretreatment. The final finish exhibits a uniform film thickness, without high voltage electric assistance or rinses, regardless of part configuration. Using an automated application process—coatings can be applied via both indexing and monorail systems—MetalJacket delivers high performance coatings at a lower overall cost. Further, the system is environmentally-friendly as it contains no hazardous components, generates minimal hazardous waste and sludge and uses no toxic acids or heavy metals. Air and wastewater emissions are nearly eliminated and MetalJacket corrosion control coatings meet automotive substance use restrictions and the European end-of-life recyclability directive.