July 16, 2008

Patent No. U.S. 7,276,549 B2
United States Gypsum Company has been granted a patent for a mixture for use with water as a coating between an adhesive and a floor underlayment made with calcined gypsum. The mixture is comprised of approximately 10-50% by weight based on the mixture of a redispersible, latex polymer; from approximately 50-90% by weight based on the mixture of a surface enhancing agent, the surface enhancing agent selected to function as both a set accelerator for calcined gypsum and also as a cross-linking agent for the adhesive and selected from the group consisting of potassium sulfate, zinc sulfate, sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferric sulfate and aluminum sulfate; and from approximately 0.15-0.25% by weight based on the mixture of a defoamer.