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New HP Process from Sherwin-Williams

August 11, 2008

New HP Process
from Sherwin-Williams
A new HP Process with Air-Bake technology from Sherwin-Williams Auto­motive Finishes is a patent-pending automotive paint process designed to remove the need for baking to achieve a fast cure time. HP Process uses its proprietary Air-Bake technology to cure at ambient (70-75°F) room temperatures, allowing for same-day repairs. HP Process, which has received numerous certifications from OEM manufacturers, uses high-quality primers, basecoats and urethane clearcoats that produce a finish that’s workable to sand and polish in 40 minutes or less. The HPC15 Clearcoat only needs ambient temperature to achieve a 15-minute workable cure, eliminating the downtime associated with temperature ramp up or cool down.

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