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Brookfield Engineering

January 12, 2009

Brookfield Engineering
Updates rheo3000 software
Brookfield Engineering has introduced Rheo3000 software for use with its R/S Rheometers. This new software features an updated appearance and 21 CFR Compliance. Title 21 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s strategic initiative to modernize the regulation and control of electronic records and electronic signatures. The goal is to maintain the integrity of test data. New Rheo3000 software allows the PC to perform the data collection and analysis. Users can simply program shear stress or shear rate, temperature and test time requirements. The software provides visual information and test data on viscoelastic behavior such as viscous creep and recovery. More info: Brookfield Engineering, (508) 946-6200; Web: www.brookfieldengineering.com.

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