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June 1, 2009

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select media and milling equipment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Buhler Inc.

Plymouth, MN
(763) 847-9900
Fax: (763) 847-9911
E-mail: rene.eisenring@buhlergroup.com
Web site: www.buhlergroup.com

Product name: Centex (Full Volume Bead Mill)
Attributes/comments: The grinding and dispersing technologies division of Buhler Inc. has introduced the new full volume horizontal Centex bead mill. A horizontal bead mill with a new concept of self-retaining media in an active mill chamber with (8) large diameter EcoMizer agitator discs, which provide a bead flow improvement patters, allowing a high milling efficiency. The new Buhler Centex bead mill uses the SCS (Superior Centrifugal Separator) system adopted from the well established Buhler DCP bead mills. The Centex bead mill offers the largest open screen surface today, allowing highest throughput rates with reduced mill chamber pressures. The grinding media is not in contact with the screen allowing higher productivity and a long screen life. Optional screen cleaning device is available. The Centex bead mill is available from lab to 1200 liter and is offered in steel, ceramic and PU for standard to non-metallic applications.

CDC Microtron USA, Inc.

Grayslake, IL 
(847) 548-8224
Web: www.cdcmicrotron.com

Product name: Microtron Mill
Attributes/comments: The development of the company's wet grinding technology has resulted in the production of the Microtron mill. This state-of-the-art bead mill delivers uniform sub-micron dispersions, often approaching primary particle sizes. Where sub-micron and nanometer particle sizes such as inkjet and fine pigment dispersions are a requirement, the Microtron consistently outperforms all competitors. The Microtron's unique method for managing fine media results in excellent process results and temperature control. Testing equipment available.

Draiswerke, Inc.

Mahwah, NJ
(201) 847-0600
Fax: (201) 847-0606
E-mail: salesinfo@draiswerke-inc.com
Web: www.draiswerke-inc.com

Product name: DCP Nanostar
Attributes/comments: The new Drais DCP Nanostar media mill is specifically designed to produce nanomaterials previously unattainable. The highly efficient energy utilization during nano-grinding via the use of ultra-small grinding media (down to 20 micron), superior product temperature control and the elimination of metal contamination are some of the key features of the new Nanostar. DCP Nanostar offers high energy density milling, internal true-media recirculation and the most efficient grinding media/product separation by centrifugal force. Drais DCP Nanostar sets new standards in wet grinding of high tech products down to nanometer range. Various sizes are available with linear mill scale up based on power consumption.

Eiger Machinery, Inc.

Grayslake, IL
(847) 548-0044
Fax: (847) 548-0099
E-mail: sales@eigerus.com
Web site: www.eigerus.com

Product name: Eiger Machinery Lab Mill Series Expanded
Attributes/comments:The Eiger laboratory Mini mill is used for product research, technical service and small batch production of various coatings and dispersions. New chamber sizes now available to process dispersions from 25 mils to 20 liters. Also available are ceramic mills used for purity and contamination free milling and mechanical seals for abrasive slurries. These bench top mills are self-pumping and self-contained units and available with explosion proof components. The Mini mills are available with 25, 50, 100, 250, 750, 1000 and 2000 ml chambers. Process monitoring instrumentation available.

Glen Mills Inc.

Clifton, NJ
(973) 777-0777
Fax: (973) 777-0070
E-mail: staff@glenmills.com
Web site: www.glenmills.com

Product name: Polymix Hammer Mill
Attributes/comments: Glen Mills Inc. presents the new Polymix Hammer Mill, a flexible laboratory hammer/knife mill. This mill is suitable for dry milling samples from one half-inch down to below 0.25 mm. It is extremely versatile with interchangeable hammers for smashing brittle materials and knife blades for cutting softer materials. Glen Mills offers a wide range of dry grinding, wet grinding, powder blending and sample preparation equipment. Testing and contract services are available. A full range of grinding media (beads) of glass, steel, alumina and zirconia ceramic grinding media is available from stock in sizes smaller than 0.20 mm to larger than three inches.

Jaygo Incorporated

Union, NJ
(908) 688-3600
Fax: (908) 688-6060
E-mail: sales@jaygoinc.com
Web site: www.jaygoinc.com

Product name: The Altern Mill � A New Ultra-Fine Wet Grinding Batch Mill
Attributes/comments: Jaygo offers new superior technology with high quality results. This mill is a safe, clean, closed system designed for "Super Fine" grinding of coatings, pigments paints, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The unique feature of this mill is the ability to load all raw materials, pre-mix/blend and mill in one piece of equipment. The 1 and 2 liter mills are perfect for Pilot Labs. Production Mills range from 25 liter up to 500 liters. All mill sizes can be adapted for specific process requirements.

Jyoti Ceramic Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Nashik, India
+91 253 2350120/338/729,
+91 253 2350023
Fax: +91 253 2350023
E-mail: info@jyoticeramic.com
Web site: www.jyoticeramic.com

Product name: Zircosil
Attributes/comments: Looking at the need of medium density, long-lasting, cost-effective ceramic milling beads, Jyoti started an extensive research to develop suitable ceramic milling beads to meet the demands of a specific segment, who have bead mills but not suitable to carry the load of Zirconox high density (6.2 gm/cc) beads. The company recently developed Zircosil�a sapphire hard, tough, medium density, 4.6 gm/cc (Zirconium Silicate) micro milling beads, which are non-abrasive, high wear resistant, glossy, satin-smooth. Zircosil beads will prove to be an ideal micro milling media, for the bead mills designed and constructed for use of low/medium density 2.6/3.8 gm/cc glass/Zirconium Silicate beads.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.

Elizabeth City, NC
(252) 338-4705
Fax: (252) 338-6540
E-mail: sales@hockmeyer.com
Web site: www.hockmeyer.com

Product name: Hockmeyer Immersion with Scrapers Assembly
Attributes/comments: The HCPS model is capable of milling viscosities as high as 400,000 cps. This mill is supplied with a sidewall scraper for thixotropic materials or the anchor helix scraper blade for heavier, tackier materials. The HCPS is also fitted with an auger extending out of the upper draft tube, enabling the mill to pull material from above the upper draft tube and feed it into the media field for grinding.

Myers Engineering, Inc.

Bell, CA
(323) 560-4723
Fax: (323) 771-7789
E-mail: cathy@myersmixer.com
Web site: www.myersmixer.com

Product name: Laboratory Basket Mill Model LB850
Attributes/comments: The Myers LB 850 1-liter laboratory basket mill has been designed for use for small batch sizes and to assist in formulation and scale up. Users can expect improvement in particle distribution, yield and cost reductions. The LB850 has reduced production time and eliminates certain pre-milling stages. The specially designed cooling dome can frequently eliminate the need for jacketed tanks. Batch capacity is 2 to 4 gallons. Testing is available at the Myers facility in Bell, CA.

Premier Mill, an SPX Process Equipment Operation

Reading, PA
(610) 728-1900
Fax: (262) 728-4904
E-mail: julie.hoover@spx.com
Web site: www.spxpe.com

Product name: Premier Mill SuperFLX Horizontal Media Mill
Attributes/comments: The new Premier Mill SuperFLX Horizontal Media Mill offers the features and flexibility that a demanding process requires. This single machine with patented technology can be transformed to process single-pass, multi-pass, high flow recirculation, low to high viscosity materials, fine to large particles and agglomerates with a few simple changes in a compact design. Scale up is precise from Lab and Pilot Plant units. Ideal for dispersions and color concentrations for paint, ink, industrial and plastics. Features include: cartridge seal which provides extended wear life and reduced maintenance; stationary screen, which allows use of ultra-fine grinding media; tangential product inlet for maximum efficiency in product flow pattern grinding chamber and milling disc options to suit any application including Premier's patented axial pin (AP) high energy milling discs

Union Process

Akron, OH
(330) 929-3333
E-mail: eli@unionprocess.com
Web site: www.unionprocess.com

New Product: DMQ-10
Attributes/comments: The DMQ-10 combines the best features of a traditional horizontal small media mill with the added benefits of circulation grinding. The result is a versatile mill capable of providing a cost-effective, size reduction solution for grinding large quantities of material. Although the DMQ Series is able to operate in either circulation or continuous mode, using the mill for circulation grinding offers some unique benefits including a narrower particle size distribution, the ability to continuously monitor the slurry, and the ability to sample or add ingredients to the premix tank at any time. Also, temperature can be controlled more precisely since the slurry spends only a short period of time in the grinding chamber. The circulation grinding process involves the use of a large process and holding tank in addition to the DMQ Mill. The mill features a large, heavy-duty media separator located at the end of the mill for easy servicing. Indexed discs provide uniform media distribution. Adjustable product discharge openings maximize throughput and accommodate grinding media from 2mm to as small as .3mm. Finally,a rail system makes maintenance and/or tank removal easy.

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