What's on the minds and in the pockets of R&D staffers?

By Tim Wright | November 2, 2009

This issue of Coatings World features our eight annual Salary Survey, where we take look at what's on the minds and in the wallets of R&D staffers in the global coatings industry. As one of our most highly anticipated editorial features, this year's results are derived from our readership about employment attitudes, responsibilities, education and salaries.

Each year our survey is attracting more and more participants. As more of the industry's chemists are voicing their opinions and providing data to our survey, we are able to offer a better snapshot of what working conditions are really like out there in the coatings formulation trenches.

As we have every year for this survey, we polled a portion of our readers-research and development personnel involved in the formulation of paint and coatings from both the manufacturer and supplier sides of the business-to determine their attitudes toward their jobs, their salaries and what their biggest challenges are at work. This examination presents a quick state of the industry report from the men and women on the frontlines of coatings formulation. Chemists are the heart and soul of this industry. They are the ones who drive the formulations further, improve performance, deal with regulatory constraints and work on what could be the next big leap in performance or aesthetics, or both.

Part of the reason why we conduct our survey is to gauge the temperament of the R&D workers in the coatings industry. We ask respondents to tell us about things such as satisfaction with their salary level, how confident they feel in their current position and what frustrates them most at work. We also polled our readers on the state of their facilities, if they use modern research methods such as high throughput screening and what they feel could be done to improve their work environment.

Thank you to all who participated. If there is something specific you want us to poll our readers for next year, let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and publishing the results next year.

Tim Wright

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