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Wind Turbines Painted by Jotun in Australia

May 1, 2010

Jotun recently painted several wind turbines in Australia. With the “Quiet Revolution” project, Jotun is the first supplier to provide paint for this new turbine technology in Australia. “These small turbines have raised much attention from the public, and we believe that this technology has a bright future,” said Frank Brown, Jotun Australia.
The vertical axis wind turbines captures wind from all directions, and can therefore generate power in a higher productivity than other turbines. The turbines are especially suitable for use in urban areas, and the first six were installed on the ANZ Centre in the new Docklands area in Melbourne in November 2009. The turbines supply energy to the building, giving it a six star rating and making it one of the “greenest” buildings in Australia. Jotun Australia painted the first batch of wind turbine pioneers in November. The Quiet Revolution turbines are developed by Quiet Revolution Ltd. in the UK, and were installed by Maxim Renewable at the ANZ Centre in Melbourne.

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