Binding Agents for Rad-cured Aqueous Paints

August 2, 2010

Patent No. U.S. 7,728,054 B2
Cytec Surface Specialties Austria GmbH has been granted a patent for binders for radiation-curable water-based paints, comprised of reaction products ABCDE of epoxy compounds A having at least two epoxide groups per molecule, unsaturated fatty acids B, olefinically unsaturated monomers C, unsaturated aliphatic compounds containing hydroxyl groups, D, and polyfunctional isocyanates E, characterized in that the compounds A are bonded to the compounds B by a beta-hydroxyester bond and the compounds C at least partially form grafts on the adducts AB to give compounds ABC, in that the compounds D are bonded to the compounds E by a urethane group to give semicapped isocyanates DE, and in that the compounds ABC are bonded to the compounds DE, likewise with urethane formation, wherein a mass fraction of at least 10% of the monomers C is an olefinically unsaturated acid.

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