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BASF Trains Swedish Spray Painters

October 13, 2010

BASF launches STAMPP training program in Falun.

BASF’s professional spray painter training has been introduced in Scandinavia. STAMPP, the training concept developed by BASF Coatings, has now been launched in Sweden. STAMPP stands for “Stimulate and revAMp the Paint Profession” and involves a one-year training program carried out in close cooperation with vocational schools and body shops. In cooperation with paint school Haraldbogymnasiet Lackutbildningen in the Swedish city of Falun, BASF is offering professional training for young people to become spray painters. Sweden is already the fourth country in which STAMPP is being implemented, after Russia, Denmark and China.

BASF is using uniform quality standards, close cooperation with vocational schools and special seminars to set new standards for up-and-coming spray painters as part of its STAMPP training initiative. In Falun, interested young people are now receiving professional training for the refinish area. The paint school in Falun is also a member of the Paintwork@Europe consortium, which includes five vocational schools from Germany, Sweden, Spain, Austria and Denmark. The future spray painters are introduced to the different spray painting methods used in the various countries. This qualifies them for jobs in European countries outside their own country and boosts their job prospects.

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