Pigment Suppliers Directory

December 1, 2010

A look at the latest offerings from select pigment suppliers.

BASF Corp.
Florham Park, NJ/USA
Fax: 800.971.1123
E-mail: colorseffectscustomercare@basf.com
Web: www.basf.com/usa

Pigments Offered: Blacks (perylene, anth­raquinone, Cu/Cr/Mn oxide, Fe/Cr/Mc oxide); Blues (phthalocyanine blue, cobalt blue, indanthrone blue,); Extender Pigments (attapulgite, kaolin); Greens (phthalocyanine green cobalt green, chrome green); Metallic Pigments (coated iron oxide aluminum); Reds (perylene reds, lithol reds, 2B reds, para reds, naphthol reds, lake reds, lithol rubine, specialty azo reds, synergy hybrid reds, DPP reds, quinacridones [reds, magentas, violets], anthraquinones reds); Specialty Pigments (mica and glass flakes specialty pigments, perylene black, vacuum -metallized flakes); Yellows and Oranges (quinaphthalone, azo lake, isoindoline, lead chromate, chrome titanate, benzimidazalone, specialty azo yellows, monoarylide yellows, diarylide yellows, nickel titanate, chrome titanate, synergy hybrid yellows)

Product name: Paliocrom Brilliant Orange L2850 Effect Pigment

Attributes/comments: Paliocrom Brilliant Orange offers exceptional brilliance, ultra-high chroma and excellent hiding power. This first generation effect pigment in the orange to red shade area is suitable for waer- and solvent-based systems.
Product name: Irgazin DPP Rubine TI

Attributes/comments: A universal, transparent blue-shade red pigment for waterborne and solventborne systems. Offers excellent durability without compromising rheology performance, enabling increased rubine concentration for new styling possibilities.
Product name: Sicopal Orange L2430 Inorganic Pigments
Attributes/comments: Sicopal Orange has color strength and coloristic properties. It expands this color space with high hiding power, resistance to chemicals, weathering and heat stability for a wide range of coatings applications.

Burgess Pigment Company
Sandersville, GA/USA
Fax: 478.552.4281
E-mail: info@burgesspigment.com
Web: www.burgesspigment.com

Pigments Offered: Extender Pigments (aluminum silicate, kaolin clay)

Product name: Optiwhite Pigment

Attributes/comments: Flash calcined kaolin for true wet and dry hide as well as improved touch-up, scrub and sheen control.
Product name: Burgess No. 28
Attributes/comments: An ultra-fine hy­drous kaolin clay for TiO2 spacing and improved gloss.

Caobt Corporation
Billerica, MA/USA
Fax: 978.670.8095
E-mail: josh-preneta@cabot-corp.com
Web: www.cabot-corp.com

Pigments Offered: Blacks (carbon black).

Product name: Emperor 1800 Carbon Black
Attributes/comments: For water-based formulations; achieve deep black color with an easy-to-disperse pigment. Benefits include: superior color performance, reduced dispersion time, reduced need for dispersion aid and lowest overall formulation costs.

Dominion Colour Corporation
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Fax: 416.497.5198
E-mail: marketing@dominioncolour.com
Web: www.dominioncoulour.com

Pigments Offered: Corrosion Inhibiting; Greens (phthalo); Reds (naphthol, lithol rubines, DPP, quinacridones); Yellows and Oranges (benzoimidazolones, hansa, azo, lead chromates)

Product name: DCC Yellow 2GTA

Attributes/comments: DCC Yellow 2GTA is a highly saturated, very greenish-yellow pigment characterized by outstanding light fastness and weather resistance with superior alkaline stability, durability and high color strength.
Product name: DCC Blue A3R

Attributes/comments: DCC Blue A3R is a highly transparent red shade blue pigment with outstanding weather, light, heat and solvent fastness and is engineered for metallic and mica shades. Ideal for coatings and plastics.

Emerald Hilton Davis
Cincinati, OH/USA
Fax: 513.841.3771
E-mail: colors@emeraldmaterials.com
Web: www.emeraldmaterials.com

Pigments Offered: Blacks (carbon black dispersions, conductive black dispersions), Blues (phthalo blue dispersions). Greens (phthalo green dispersions) Iron Oxide Pigments (red, yellow, brown, black dispersions), Reds (toluidine, organic, brilliant red dispersions), Yellow and Oranges (perm, ferrite, diarylide, dianisidine, dinitraniline orange and yellow dispersions

Product name: Color Realm Universal Zero-VOC Dispersions
Attributes/comments: A full palette of zero-VOC dispersions for in-store tinting.  

FlintGroup Pigments
Elizabethtwon, KY/USA
Fax: 270.737.0318
E-mail: info.pigments@flintgrp.com
Web: www.flintgrp.com
Pigments Offered: Blues (phthalocyanine, alkali blue), Specialty Pigments (HPP, DDP)

Product name: Pigment Blue 15:4 (G, NCNF)

Attributes/comments: Product line of phthalocyanine pigment blue 15:4 with hue range from green shade to red shade.

Hoover Color Corp.
Hiwassee, VA/USA
Fax: 540.980.8781
E-mail: hoover@hoovercolor.com
Web: www.hoovercolor.com
Pigments Offered: Iron oxide pigments (umber natural iron oxides)

Product name: Raw and Burnt Umber Natural Iron Oxides

Attributes/comments: Umbers are one of the most versatile natural iron oxides. Hoover Color offers 22 standard grades of umbers. Despite their dark appearance, they are close in crystal structure to yellow iron oxides. In their “raw” form, this yellow crystal structure gives raw umbers their pleasant greenish undertone. Often referred to as a neutral toner when used in combination with other pigments, raw umbers can be used to darken a color mix without significantly altering the chromaticity of the other pigments in the mix. Raw umber has limited heat stability, but this allows us to heat-treat the umber and convert it to a heat-stable red structure. The resulting “burnt” umber has a pleasing warm red undertone, along with improved heat stability. It is widely used as a basic brown in many applications. It can also be used as the cornerstone pigment in a base to produce a wide range of brown shades.

Lansco Colors
Pearl River, NY/USA
Fax: 845.735.2787
E-mail: frank@pigments.com
Web: www.pigments.com
Pigments Offered: Blacks (carbon black); Blues (phthalo, ultramarine, milori, cobalt); Corrosion Inhibiting; (zinc phosphate, zinc chromate); Greens (phthalo, chromium oxide green); Iron Oxide Pigments (synthetic); Metallic Pigments (aluminum); Reds (lithol rubine, naphthol, perylene, quinacridone, red lake C, toluidine); Yellows and Oranges (diarylide, orthonitranile, hansa, metallized, chrome); Whites (titanium dioxide)

Product name: Lansco 5051 Phthalo Blue 15:1

Attributes/comments: Strong, bright blue 15:1 recommended for coatings, plastics and ink applications.
Product name: Lansco 2338 Quinophthalone Yellow 138

Attributes/comments: This is the greenest shade yellow with FDA approval for food packaging and a valuable tool in a color mather’s tool box.  

Denver, CO/USA
Fax: 303.713.5769
E-mail: forrest.hentz@riotinto.com
Web: www.luzenac.com

Pigments Offered: Extender Pigments (talcone)

Product Name: HAR
Attributes/comments: Excellent barrier properties in industrial coatings.

Product Name: Jetfine

Attributes/comments: Exceptional hiding power and whiteness in paint and coatings.
Rockwood Pigments
Beltsville, MD/USA
Fax: 301.210.4967
E-mail: info.us@rpigments.com
Web: www.rpigments.com

Pigments Offered: Blacks (iron oxide, carbon black, heat stable); Blues (cobalt blues); Corrosion Inhibiting (zinc phosphates); Greens (chromium oxide, cobalt greens); Iron Oxide Pigments (red, yellow, black, brown, umbers, sienna, ochre, natural); Reds (iron oxide, cadmium); Specialty Pigments (heat stable tans), Yellows and Oranges (iron oxides, mixed metal oxides)

Product name: Solaplex Bright Orange 34H1004

Attributes/comments: A clean bright inorganic orange. Environmentally friendly, heavy metal free, heat stable, non-reactive. Excellent opacity. Ideal for blending with organic pigments to produce cost effective bright orange shades.

Sudarshan North America Inc.
Ridgewood, NJ/USA
E-mail: usa@sudarshan.com
Web: www.sudarshan.com

Pigments Offered: Blues (PB 15:1, PB 15:3, PB 15:4); Greens (PG 7); Reds (PR 264, PR 254, PR 122, PR 177, PR 170, PR 48:2); Specialty Pigments (pearls); Yellows and Oranges (PY 12, PY 13, PY 74, PY 110, PY 151, PY 154)

Product Name: Sudaperm Red 2953 (PR 264)

Attributes/comments: Sudaperm Red 2953 is the latest high performance red introduced by Sudarshan. The product benefits the automotive coatings industry color trend of red metallics in the difficult rubine color space.
Product Name: Sudaperm Yellow 2905 (PY 154)

Attributes/comments: Sudaperm Yellow 2905 is a mid-shade yellow with excellent weather fastness and is suitable for automotive, industrial and architectural coatings.

Sun Chemical

Cincinnati, OH/USA
Fax: 513.632.1537
E-mail: richard.faubion@sunchemical.com
Web: www.sunpigments.com

Pigments Offered: Blacks; Blues; Greens; Metallic Pigments; Reds (pearlescent); Yellow and Oranges
Product Name: Palomar Delta Blue 60: 260-2825

Attributes/comments: Exceptional durability, very reddish blue. Expands color gamut. High transparency with neutral flop. Color space occupied by conventional blue 60 can be tinted with 50% phthalocyanine blue, significantly reducing costs.

Product Name: Multiorora Dazzling Blue M-781S: 292-7251

Attributes/comments: Immense color travel pearlescent pigment exhibiting an angle-dependent shift from turquoise/blue to violet. Its high transparency is ideal for use with other pigments to create subtle transitions or dramatic effects.

Toyo Ink Manufacturing America, LLC
Teaneck, NJ/USA
Fax: 201.490.5482
E-mail: sales@toyocolor.com
Web: www.tima.toyocolor.com        

Trust Chem USA
East Greenwich, RI/USA
Fax: 401.398.7321
E-mail: info@trustchemusa.com
Web: www.trustchemusa.com

Pigments Offered: Blues (phthalo, milori, indanthrone); Reds (quinacridones, napthol, meta salt azo); Specialty Pigments (benzimidazolone, azo condensation, many others); Yellow and Oranges (diarylides, hansas, specialties)

Product name: Azo Condensation Red 166

Attributes/comments: Supply problems, high cost and few sources has caused high demand for a new, lower cost source of the “Scarlet RN” type. Trust Chem Makes this at its joint venture factory.
Product name: Benzimidazolone Yellow 194

Attributes/comments: A lightfast green shade yellow. Tight Supply from the major source created significant demand for a lower cost source with stable supply. Trust Chem makes this at its joint venture factory.

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