PPG patents epoxy functional polymers

March 11, 2011

Patent No. U.S. 7,776,960 B2

PPG Industries has obtained a patent for an epoxy functional polymer comprised of the reaction product of a terpene and an epoxy functional monomer wherein the terpene is comprised of 10% to 60% weight of the total solids weight of the polymer.

Reactive Surfaces extends its novel biocide technology patent portfolio in the U.S. and abroad
Reactive Surfaces has expanded its existing active ingredient patent portfolio on ProteCoat bio-based anti-microbial additive technology with grants in the U.S. and Australia of several patents covering coating compositions containing these non-toxic biocides. The issued claims vary in scope depending upon the jurisdiction, but generally relate to coating compositions comprising one or more antimicrobial peptides in a coating such as a paint, and include multi-layer resin systems as well as temporary coatings. The claimed coating compositions include architectural coatings (wood and masonry coatings), industrial coatings (automotive, can, sealant and marine coatings), as well as specification coatings (pipeline, traffic marker, aircraft and nuclear power plant coatings). More specifically, the claimed compositions comprise antimicrobial peptides (with both antifungal and antibacterial functionalities, as well as the capability to kill spore forms of both) in a sufficient amount to inhibit or prevent the growth of a microbe on a coated surface. The claimed biocides are naturally occurring, non-toxic and readily biodegradeable amino acid polymers generally comprising six to 25 amino acids capable of being admixed into a binder, including thermoplastic and thermosetting binders.

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