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Elementis introduces Tint-AYD AQ Colorants for European industrial coatings markets

March 15, 2011

Elementis Specialties has introduced the new Tint-AYD AQ Colorants and Tinting System for the European decorative and aqueous industrial coatings markets. This new colorant system is available either as ready-made colorants or as discrete components that enable customers the flexibility of formulating the Tint-AYD AQ colorants themselves. The Tint -AYD AQ tinting system is based on a modular set-up: there are high concentrated colorants (Tint -AYD AQ HC) for in-plant tinting and colorants for point-of-sale tinting (Tint -AYD AQ). Additional modules for silicate tinting, wood coatings and customizable specialties complete the system. Tint -AYD AQ colorants are based on a dual humectant technology platform that delivers VOC compliance (< 1 g/l, per RAL UZ 102). Tint -AYD AQ colorants offer good performance with improved scrub resistance, water resistance, gloss development and viscosity stability. The entire Tint -AYD AQ colorant system can be made with three base additives: Nuosperse AQ 100, Nuosperse AQ 200 and Nuosperse AQ 300.

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