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June 9, 2011

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select media & milling equipment manufacturers.

For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.


Buhler Inc.

Plymouth, MN


Fax: 763.847.9902

Email: buhler.minneapolis@buhlergroup.com

Web: www.buhlergroup.com


• Product name: Centex Pearl Mill

The newly combined power of Buhler and Draiswerke provides users with unique know-how in all wet grinding and dispersing applications. Our equipment and process solutions are proven, reliable and tailored to the U.S. market. This is especially evident in the new full-volume Centex Pearl Mill with exceptional media separation and high flow rates. The Centex is an enhancement of economics and quality for countless applications, such as paper pigments and printing inks, paints and coatings for highly stressed surfaces, or masses for technical ceramics and for sanitary or functional ceramics. 


CB Mills

Gurnee, IL


Fax: 847.662.4003

Email: sales@cbmills.com

Web: www.cbmills.com


• Product name: DynoMill ECM-AP Series

The current chemical processing climate is mandating smaller and tighter particle size distributions in size reduction applications. To that end, the DynoMill ECM-AP Series has been designed to provide smaller more consistent results. The ECM-AP is a fast, efficient mill for continuous dispersion and wet fine grinding. Main applications are paints, inks, pigments, dyes, fillers and agrochemicals. The advanced design of the DynoMill ECM-AP promotes high product flow rates with material from low to high viscosity. The design works equally well with medias of all size range and types. The clear advantages of the DynoMill ECM-AP are very high throughput rates, wide range of viscosities, long screen life and easily produces submicron particle sizes. PLC controls assure easy operator interface and include self-diagnosis of process faults and automatic announcements of preventative maintenance schedules. 


Glen Mills

Clifton, NJ 


Email: staff@glenmills.com

Web: www.glenmills.com


• Product name: Steel Balls and Steel Shots

The second most dense grinding media to tungsten carbide (15.0 g/cc0 is steel (7.0-7.9 g/cc). These are used where high solids loading or high viscosity concerns require a media that can plough through the suspension and still give a good grind of dark materials. These are offered in two varieties: steel shot and steel balls bearings (burnishing balls). For small diameters of 0.2 mm to 2.0 mm, the steel shot in both Carbon Steel and 300 Series Cast Stainless Steel are lowest and durable, if not particularly round. The steel balls, almost good enough for a ball bearing, are available from sizes 0.5mm to one inch (1”) in various alloys of stainless, chrome and carbon steel.


Hockmeyer Equipment Corp.

Elizabeth City, NC


Fax: 252.338.6540

Email: sales@hockmeyer.com

Web: www.hockmemer.com


• Product name: Micro-Nano-Mill

The most efficient lab media mill for nano-grinding with 99% recovered product. Mill features a 2 HP motor, digital timer and stainless steel 750 ml vessel. Media sizes from .3 mm and smaller. Containment walls are available in porous polymer, porous metal down to 10 micron and electron beam drilled down to 100-micron pores. 


Lehmann Mills Inc.

Salem, OH


Fax: 330.332.2208

Email: info@lehmannmills.com

Web: www.lehmannmills.com

• Product name: Three Roll Mill “SNSI” Safety Upgrades

Introducing, Lehmann’s newest safety package, designed for all three-roll mills. Nip point/wash0up sick interlock, “life-line” cable safety. Body bar (slow roll guard), emergency braking, feed roll interlock for mill run mode, wash-up mode for safe clean up), see “ANSI” Standard B65/NAPIM 177.1-2007 for complete explanation.


Myers Engineering

Bell, CA


Fax: 323.771.7789

Email: cathys@myersmixer.com

Web: www.myersmixer.com


• Product name: M850E Basket Mill

Common to basket mills, the M850 allows for a lone tank process eliminating pumps, hoses and extra mix tanks for product transfer. The unique design of the Myers’ mill allows independent speed control of both the media and batch agitators. The agitator assists in keeping the batch homogeneous while waiting for its next pass through the milling chamber. Exiting the chamber, the product passes down the side of a cooling shroud to eliminate heat build-up. The Myers dual shaft design offers users greater flexibility in both viscosity ranges and batch sizes. Trials are available at the Bell, CA facility.

Netzsch Premier Technologies, LLC

Exton, PA


Fax: 610.280.1299

Email: melanie.mchenry@netzsch.com

Web: www.netzsch.com


• Product name: NetzschBeads

The selection of appropriate grinding beads is of utmost importance for optimizing dispersing and wet grinding processes. NetzschBeads are ideally suited for Netzsch agitator bead mills. Netzsch’s worldwide network of application laboratories is available to optimize users’ process, increase capacity and energy efficiency while improving product quality. NetzschBeads are available in yttrium stabilized zirconia, cerium stabilized zirconia, zirconium silicate, glass and steel. ZetaBeads Plus offer the highest quality and consistency. ZetaBeads Nano are available in sizes as small as 30 µm. Netzsch is the source for the optimum selection of machine and grinding media for any application.


Norstone Inc.

Bridgeport, PA


Fax: 610.275.2404

Email: sales@nortstoneinc.com

Web: www.norstoneinc.com


• Product name: TRAPolene

Norstone’s TRAPolene tank cover for minimizing evaporation and preventing debris from contaminating the batch is now available with a shaft slit and splash guard so that the tank can be covered during the mixing process. The TRAPolene is lightweight and uses non-sparking, non-rusting materials of construction. It can be made with a variety of materials including anti-static, safety orange and acetone resistant. 


Schold Machine Corporation

Chicago, IL


Fax: 708.458.3866 

Email: schold@schold.com

Web: www.schold.com


• Product name: HBLT Mill

Schold Machine Corporation’s high viscosity, high body, low temperature media mill is the first domestic vertical disk type mill to grind high viscosity, poor flowing bases of all colors. Its patent pending design promotes aggressive grinding, while doing it at the lowest temperatures ever attained by its previous mills. This design technique is even capable of grinding UV bases with the photoinitiator in situ. The mills are available in 25, 60, and 100-gallon vertical chamber volumes, and in all the horizontal mills as well. This HBLT Mill is available for lab evaluation at the Chicago facility.

Union Process 

Akron, OH


Fax: 330.929.3034

Email: eli@unionprocess.com

Web: www.unionprocess.com


• Product name: Q-03 Circulation Attritor

Union Process, Inc., known globally as a manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersing equipment, has produced the Q-03, a small bench-top laboratory-sized circulation grinding mill. This smaller circulation attritor was developed so users can perform lab trials with the advantage of the circulation grinding system using much smaller samples (from ½ gallon to one gallon). The Q-03 circulation attritor offers all of the advantages of larger laboratory or production-sized circulation attritors including a high circulation pumping rate, narrow particle size distribution, good temperature control and the ability to sample and make formulation adjustments on the fly. 


U.S. Stoneware

East Palestine, OH


Fax: 330.426.1859

Email: info@usstoneware.com

Web: www.usstoneware.com


• Product name: Lab Pro 520 VSR

This small lab unit weighs approximately 23 pounds but has a 25-pound capacity. It measures a mere 12 7/8” wide x 12 5/8” tall x 10 1/2” in depth. The three position idle roller gives it the capability to turn various sized tubes and jars from 3/4” to 6” diameter. Illuminated power switch and speed control knob are located on the front for easy operation. Hinged cover shuts down machine when opened for safety. Standard machine has an input voltage of 115-volt single phase; 230 volt single phase is also available.

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